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Monday, October 16, 2017

"Chalking/HAS Fear Porn" by Scooota - 10.16.17

Entry Submitted by Scooota at 5:49 PM EDT on October 16, 2017

Request for further and better particulars

After reading the Human Angel Service 'intel' from the previous call this writer was compelled to respond as they no longer believe that entity to be as benevolently guided as previously thought. This post is written to those giving information to HAS and the Elders and is not a criticism of what Yosef and/or HAS has passed on. Not shooting the messenger.

What was found offensive was item 23 about those with outstanding warrants etc;
"23. If you go to a sovereign currency exchange appointment with a criminal past, outstanding warrants, been part of the Cabal, or have caused problems with this GCR/RV, you would be ushered to a certain location where you would be arrested and incarcerated. You won't be allowed to redeem. That is what was meant by ‘chalked.'"

Many will not know that the cabal created the "legal system" from the system of justice as another weapon to keep people, both lawyers and alleged perpetrators of crime, enslaved to their agenda and many of the so-called warrants mentioned in this post may be fictitious.As an example, in the jurisdiction where this writer allegedly resides the Parliament, in some circumstances, has no power to make law as they do, the Police have no power to enforce said 'law,' the 'sheriff' has no authority to enforce said 'law' and is actually unable to issue lawful warrants which comply with their own statutes and the courts are operating as prize courts under the Admiralty/Maritime system where commerce and profit takes precedence over truth and justice unless one knows how to rebut the unlawful claims of the applicants so the courts decisions are null and void ab initio. This has been confirmed by the highest legal authorities (that is plural) in this jurisdiction, although they continue to conduct 'business as usual.' All of this is due to a previous Parliament not following due process set out in their own Statutes and not having the authority to act as they did. All documentation to back up these claims is held by this writer.

Are these the sort of warrants you are referring to in your post?

Those who know this are able to deal with these minor inconveniences and carry on with life but those who do not get caught in the traps through their own ignorance and the belligerence of the perpetrators making unlawful claims.

Some will have warrants through no fault of their own because they changed address for example and the warrants went to the old address. They may be able to use the case precedence which states that they are not guilty as a result of an honest and reasonable mistake if this is available in their jurisdiction, however Who will expect that the exchange will be transformed into a court and be prepared to take that information and any other material for their defence with them to the exchange? What are the rules for this court which will hold them as guilty before they have a chance to prove their innocence? Where does the authority come from for these arrests? From the same illegitimate cabal run grubbermant? Who gives the authority for these exchanges to be transformed into courts? The same illegitimate grubbermant? Is this not entrapment?

It is this writers comprehension that many of the alleged 'laws' worldwide were created as the population was generally too well behaved and not enough 'crime' was being committed. The cabal wanted to commercialise EVERYTHING and so created a scheme to criminalise many things to keep people enslaved, generate the money needed to keep the economy working and most importantly to perpetuate their perceived right to rule and hold people in fear. As a result many people, or more specifically 'persons' are allegedly guilty of breaches of statutes but not of breaking any laws.

The reason this writer is writing this post is to point out that this 'chalking' which Yosef has spoken of earlier and its consequences mentioned in the HAS post about arresting people and incarcerating them for these alleged breaches of statutes, and any consequential warrants etc does not, in their opinion fit with the 'Do No Harm' mantra all are expected to live by as enlightened beings. If the warrants are generated from a cabal system, why are people being held to account when there was no injury to any people and no damage to any property? There was an intention, by the cabal, to harm people for profit in this system by making these claims and there is still this potential with these statements about outstanding warrants .

This writer withheld responding when it was suggested that fines and penalties had to be paid at the time of exchange after the Equifax breach as they believed that the elders knew better than to allow this. The Equifax breach should not even be being considered. Equifax is a credit reporting agency recording information from debt collectors who failed to convince their targets to pay amongst other things. Under contract law once a debt is paid, it is paid, irrespective of who pays that alleged debt and debt collectors have no lawful right as a third party interloper into a contract to attempt to extract the original balance or any fees from the alleged debtor. They buy the 'debt,' usually at a considerable discount, which pays the 'debt' as far as the original 'creditor' is concerned. It is this writers experience that alleged debt collectors and others use credit reporting agencies to report false debts to 'payback' non payers who do not respond to their coercive tactics. Credit reporting agencies are not lawfully allowed to list debts without first hand knowledge of a debt or a court order from a court of competent jurisdiction and a huge proportion of alleged debt does not meet these requirements so how lawful are the debts or the warrants issued relating to these?

The point of all of this is that this 'chalking' is a cabal tactic just like a credit score, built and perpetuated by further cabal tactics at many levels and the money said to be owed by these outstanding warrants would go to cabal entities or cabal built front organisations so why are we even talking about this in this forum which is supposed to be about enlightened beings? This is old paradigm energy being dragged into the new era. This 'chalking' and any subsequent action to arrest and incarcerate people over alleged false warrants is potentially also a breach of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and, for those countries who are signatories, also a breach of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties, particularly Article 27 of this Vienna Treaty which states that parties to a treaty cannot use internal laws to ignore Treaty obligations. Under these Treaties everyone is entitled to be considered innocence until PROVED guilty, which should be in a court of competent jurisdiction by a jury of their peers. Traffic infringements and all these so called offences do not meet this requirement. They also fall way short when you consider that these alleged courts do not offer a 'person' their right to question their accuser or their right to be heard by a competent court, so how can a judgement of such a court be binding when the procedures of the court are in breach of the ICCPR? Rhetorical.

Is it too hard to believe that the actions of the cabal operating the "legal system" as another means to control the people is just as fraudulent as the banking industry used for the same purpose? If the loans and alleged debts under that fraudulent system can be forgiven under NESARA/GESARA, is it not possible that the fines and penalties created in another of the cabals fraudulent 'industries' can also be forgiven or is someone discriminating between different kinds of debt and judging that some can be forgiven and others cannot?

If you are talking about warrants for real crimes as in common law murder, rape, fraud and theft etc where someone is injured or property is damaged or stolen then there may be a good reason to do this, so further and better particulars are required.

This writer believes that some will not participate in any private exchanges if this 'intel' is true and if further and better particulars about the warrants are not provided, as some are aware that alleged warrants exist and are also aware that those alleged warrants are unlawful and it is extremely unlikely that the information from the highest law offices in this jurisdiction confirming the unlawful status of these warrants and of Police, Sheriff, courts etc will be known by those at the exchange who would want to detain and incarcerate them which is counter to the intentions of the elders in distributing as much money to the needy as is possible which is what is claimed. Many in this position will not be able to take a solicitor with them to the exchange to explain these legal technicalities, as they will not be able to find a Solicitor who can 're-present' them adequately as some of this information is counter to what the lawyers in this jurisdiction are taught at law school and the supporting documentation requires a high degree of comprehension of law which exchange staff and military personnel may not have time to adequately comprehend during the exchange process to take appropriate action.

Please remember and consider that the information being relied upon is from a cabal system so it needs to be vetted thoroughly before those taking action find they are actually perpetuating the cabal systems and energy and damaging people at the beginning of the new era. Such action is itself counter to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights etc and to what is claimed to be the way forward for enlightened beings both people/'persons' avoiding these unlawful alleged warrants and those enforcing unlawful warrants.

Kind Regards


"Ben Fulford's Newsletter" by Sierra - 10.16.17

Entry Submitted by Sierra at 5:34 PM EDT on October 16, 2017

Benjamin Fulford's latest newsletter is a riveting read. https://benjaminfulford.net/. He quotes Pentagon sources regarding the fall of Hollywood:

"“Jewish privilege is now history, as Harvey Weinstein was prevented from fleeing the USA, and his eponymous company may soon shut down, where major studios, TV networks, talent agencies, Apple, Amazon, Goldman, and hedge funds find him toxic,” one source pointed out.

"“The Jewish mafia is finished, as the culture war extends from fake news, to the NFL, to Hollywood, to the Ivy League, and to every level of Jewish power as a prelude to mass arrests and a Global Currency Reset,” the sources say."

We are witnessing the final fall of the Roman Empire in real time. It’s an extraordinary opportunity to be alive on Earth.

Intel sources like Ben Fulford didn't even mentioned the GCR until recently. Now nearly every newsletter by Ben, David Wilcock and James Gilliland mentions the imminence of the GCR.

Brexit was a major trigger…Trump’s election was a major trigger…Harvey Weinstein’s demise is a major trigger.

The new Republic and the Global Currency Reset are poised to be revealed at any moment.

Love and Light


"Re: Convictions - This Helps my Spirit" by Potatoman - 10.16.17

Entry Submitted by Potatoman at 5:33 PM EDT on October 16, 2017

"Convictions" by (Anonymous) - 10.16.17

For 20 years i have been on this mission to help others better understand the word FORGIVENESS. In Matthew 8, Mark 5, and Luke 8 our Savior came to a place where no one had preached before. They were raising pigs and several men had fallen, were incarcerated into caves to there spend the rest of their lives.

No one said what they had done we are left to ponder on that. As Christ came to shore their spirits were still alive though being controlled by evil, they still had sparks of restoration within as they charged out of their caves.

As they rushed to tell Him "do not send us away into the abyss, but into the swine" and the rest of that story goes on.

But He was not there just that cast out the evil porton, no He was there to offer SECOND CHANCES just as He did to me the third day i was placed into my CAVE. I sat there, as most likely those two did 2000 years ago ,wondering what my life was going to be now that i had disgraced my family name?

All i remember of that tearful night were three words Patrick, those words have been etched daily in my prayer life they were, "ARE YOU LISTENING.?"

As in the days of the bible story i am referring to, He did not take them with him and make fourteen disciples, he told them, "Go home to thy family and friends and tell what great things the Lord hath done for thee and hath had compassion upon thee"

Their mission was to go tell, publish, hearald to the Decoplis area of ten cities, the wonders of God , who he is , who Jesus was and is ,and never stop telling that story till their time was done.

Well they were Christs first two missionaries. Several months later Christ returned to those same shores, and 4,000 plus were ready to hear from His own lips that same story of compassion and forgiveness they could have, because those two men never stopped telling the story of FORGIVENESS.

He was compelled to stay there 3 days. I can imagine the first two that were to sit there with their families at or near His feet were those two, what a TRUE JOY PATRICK , IS FORGIVENESS....

www.anprc.webs.com. Is a result of forgiveness , that night i was listening and from that place i was ,He brought the superintendant and many others to hear about our planned project, and FORGIVENESS.

Its really simple. F E E W W. Food, Education, Employment, Wellness, Water

A New Persoectve Restoration Corporation. Was born that night. Ezekiel 36: vs 19 to the end of the chapter, it explains my mission and those other veterans who have joined with me to build our foundations , both established yes here in Idaho in 2002 and 2005.

Now the funding will help Residents of these small towns our ranches will be purchased in or near plus establishing AND helping the smallvilke infrastructure, better school buildings, a new fire truck, library, park or whatever they desire to help small towns and vilkages of the northwest, training schools for Indian youth here and also inside INDIA through others who have been restored.

To be Forgiven is a gift, that is grace.

May He continue to bless you and all peoples groups who hope, strive, and succeed in following Love as their guiding principles


Bless you and may you also be that beacon for the future that you have been to me and our group by offering yourself in service to your fellow man,(and woman), this website has and will continue to offer hope, joy peace and FORGIVENESS AS a present that's why today is called THE PRESENT. ITS A GIFT FROM GOD. OPEN YOUR HEART TO LOVE AND RECEIVE WHAT YOU GIVE.

DD (potatoman)
The Joy Walker from
Potato land.

Thanks my new friend

I'm 75 AND A survivor of cancer and coronary heart disease. A widower left here as those two were to tell what great things the Lord hath done and hath had compassion on me, he can do it for anyone who turns to DO NO HARM.

"Convictions" by (Anonymous) - 10.16.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:51 PM EDT on October 16, 2017

I would like to address something that is being floated about a criminal convictions.

1. The United States incarcerates more people than any other country in the world.

2. There are people that have been incarcerated that do own currency and they bought it legally.

3. Some people have put out that if a person was incarcerated in their past that they would not be able to exchange and that just is not true.

4. There are only certain things that the bank who is not a law enforcement agency can check and one of those is not your past.

5. Unless there is someone there from Interpol which is the agency in charge of compliance checks then it should be alright.

6. If there are law enforcement people there at the exchange the most that they would be able to do is check to see if there are any warrants outstanding and if there is then they could arrest that person.

7. It would take a lot of law enforcement officers to be present at the exchanges, so I do not think that will be done because it would an infringement on a person rights especially if they purchase the currency legally.

8. So when someone makes that statement they do not know what they are talking about they do not realize that 25% of the population of the US has either been in prison or on parole, probation.


"Attention Everyone" - Bluwolf Intel Update 10-16-17

Just got a clear second of communication on my phone. Attn. everyone just be ready for the number should be around briefly. Please God heaven knows Puerto Rico and the neighboring islands needs this help. Puerto Rico se Levanta.


Currency365 - Kirkuk Back Under Control of ISF After a Crazy Night

Published on Oct 16, 2017

"Long Drawn out Process" - Jester's Place Chat Highlights 10-16-17

Jester’s Place

[RPharmer] JESTER Do you think there will be any good windows/time frames for the reset to occur in 2017? I know no one knows the date. Just wondering…





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